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The Pakistan Review is an academic research and publication platform dedicated to promoting scholarly research and discourse in Pakistan and beyond. Our platform provides a space for academics, researchers, and scholars to publish their work and share their ideas with a wider audience. We believe that academic research is critical for the progress and development of any society, and we are committed to supporting and promoting research in Pakistan. We cover a wide range of topics including social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and technology, and our publications are peer-reviewed to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy. At The Pakistan Review, we are passionate about facilitating knowledge-sharing and promoting intellectual discourse in Pakistan and beyond. Our platform is a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and students seeking to engage with cutting-edge research and ideas. We are proud to be a part of Pakistan’s scholarly community and look forward to continuing to contribute to its growth and development.

Pakistani Research Institutes

You can browse Pakistani Research Institutes including Think tanks and Universities according to their disciplines / departments / campuses all over the Pakistan.

Pakistan Review Research Journals

Pakistan Review runs a number of peer review journals in different fields of research. Browse the list of journals and submit your manuscript to publish.
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Start Your Own Research Journal

If you want to start your own Research Journal in any discipline, we can provide one-stop solution for launching your own research journal.
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Get Your Journal Indexed Widely

Let us know if you need indexing services for your Research Journal, we will help your journal get indexed in top databases and repositories.
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