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Pakistan Review, a research and publication solution, is here to facilitate you in setting up and managing your own journal from scratch or revamp an existing web publication to meet your expectations within a month with the minimum resources. Our team makes the publication process smooth for you by keeping the technical operations out of your way. Your only concern remains the publishing material itself.

We will setup website for your Journal including domain name (.com, .org, .net etc.) and webhosting. Just leave the technical headache to us, and get on with your publications. Our team of experts will take care of all technical stuff from installing the Journal system (OJS) from scratch on our hosting servers (AWS) to the designing the frontend layout of your Journal with your desired color scheme.

Moreover, you retain the full control over your Journal and publications. All content will be yours and if you want to move to any other service provider, you can do that without any obligation. Our team will help you in your transition.

You can choose Pakistan Review’s servers to host your journal, or you can choose to setup your own domain name and hosting solution. Please have a look at our convenience packages and let us know whatever suits you, our team will be glad to help you.

If you want to publish your conference proceedings, please contact us by throwing an email at and our representative will contact you to brief about publishing the conference proceedings. We have dedicated journal for conference proceedings, click here to visit IJCP.

Our Pricing Plans

Services Hosted Plan Basic Plan Institutional Plan
Domain Not included Included .com, .net, .org OR .pk (Free) Included .com, .net, .org OR .pk (Free)
Web hosting Shared hosting Independent hosting Dedicated server
Hosting Control Panel No Yes Yes
Journals Single Single Multiple
OJS Installation Yes Yes Yes
Website Setup Yes Yes Yes
ISSN Yes No No
Google Scholar Indexing Yes Yes Yes
ISSN/DOI/URN Integration Ready Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Integration Yes Yes Yes
OJS Training* 3 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours
Setup Fee $250 $500 $1500
AWS EC2 hosting Free $240 per year $960 per year
Backups* Free Monthly Monthly
OJS Upgrades* Free Biannual Biannual
Total $250 + per issue @ $250 (5-10 Papers) $740 + per issue @ $250 (5-10 Papers) $2460 + per issue @ $250 (5-10 Papers)
  • Special training sessions can be arranged on demand (physical / virtual)
  • Daily backups can be provided on demand @$30 per month (last 7 backups will be stored)
  • The critical (security related) updates / upgrades will be provided free of cost. However, the features upgrades more than twice a year will be charged @$45 per upgrade.
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