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What is Maya Ali doing in India? We find out

What is Maya Ali doing in India? We find out

When a Pakistani actor is in India, you know a Bollywood deal is about to be struck. Maya Ali just flew to India for a meeting with an Indian film production company, the Diyar-e-Dil actress revealed to Images. “They called my manager around three months ago and asked for my availability,” reveals Maya. “Before anything,

With new mental health campaign, Deepika tells school children ‘you are not alone’

Deepika Padukone’s mental health foundation Live Love Laugh is launching a year-long awareness campaign ‘You Are Not Alone’ today. The campaign will be focused on school students and teachers, and will start from Deepika’s own alma mater, Sophia’s High School in Bangalore, reported Times of India. Deepika hopes that the awareness campaign will “bring the

Pakistanis continue to be happier than Indians: UN report

ROME: Pakistanis are happier than Indians once again, according to findings of a United Nations-sanctioned report released on Wednesday. Out of a total 157 countries that were evaluated, Pakistan came in at 92, while India was placed at 118. Both countries have slipped as last year’s rankings had Pakistan at 81 and India at 117.

Economy Growth of India 1980-1999: The Origin, Causes and Consequences

Economy Growth of India 1980-1999: The Origin, Causes, and Consequences By Muhammad Arif Mustunsir INTRODUCTION The mainspring of an economy’s growth and take-off continues to puzzle economists. Even though, thanks to years of sustained research, many of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are in place, it remains very difficult to predict when an economy

Ashes battle: Tendulkar’s son joins England at Lord’s

When England came out to practice during a net-training session at Lord’s, they were joined in by Tendulkar – not Sachin, but his 15-year-old son Arjun. Arjun Tendulkar is a left-arm seamer and a regular participant at Lord’s indoor school, as the Tendulkar’s residence isn’t quite far from the historic ground.   According to cricinfo.com,