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Parathas – crispy treats for every meal

Parathas – crispy treats for every meal

RAWALPINDI: Although roti or bread – in its various forms – and rice are the staples of choice for any meal, the desi palate is yet to accept either one of the two on the breakfast menu. Naan bread is nutritious but heavy, and most Punjabis worth their salt do not like to begin their

The science behind the Perfect Chip

The very best chips combine a crisp crust with a piping-hot, snowy-white interior – a delicious combination that arises when potatoes descend into a nice hot pool of oil. But how does the magic happen – and can food scientists find ways to improve the French fry? Deep-frying has been described as “a pretty violent

Is Avocado toast actually good for you?

Assistant web editor Christina Chaey’s favorite snack is a half an avocado mashed with lemon, sea salt, and red pepper flakes on some kind of wheat-y cracker. Christina is not alone. You guys probably know that we are big fans of the avocado toast around here. While we keep telling ourselves that healthy fats are good for us, truthfully we’re not sure if

Stop, eat and fast

KARACHI: “You think these womenfolk who do their Eid shopping till way past midnight will then go home to prepare Sahri for their families? No, they also eat out,” says Dodal Sindhi while checking if the roast chickens turning on the grills behind him are receiving equal heat from all sides.