Nail polish is trending like any other makeup, and this summer 2015 new and trendy shades took over the ramps of New York fashion week. From the all time favorites ruby red and basic black to newly gotten popular cobalt blue and cement gray were found in this year’s summer list.

Finally the list of ten summer nail polish to be worn this year is here. These super glossy, long lasting, professional nail polishes should be on top of your ‘to buy’ list to complete your look and give you the perfect finish. Your nail polish tells people a lot about you, without you even realizing. It’s you style statement. Different colors give different impressions and here’s what the color you pick says about you.




Red is the ultimate definition of glamour, it’s all about being bold and confident as the color itself represents danger, strength and power as well as passion, desire and love. Whoever chooses to wear this is without a doubt marked as dramatic, daring and outgoing.









Black gives a sense of mystery and marks the rebellious side of you. It shows you’re a trendsetter and are oblivious to the ‘so called’ norms whilst reflecting daring and style.




bright white


Bright White

White shows purity and innocence, also considered to be the color of perfection. For all those women that love to rock this color, you truly are filled with class and confidence!



greyish silverCEMENT GRAY
Cement Gray and Grayish Silver
Different shades of gray point in the same direction, you are the quintessential modernist, the epitome of cool and cultured.




Cobalt Blue

When worn as a nail polish, blue is a fun-filled experimental color. It gives an impression of a confident person that loves excitement and trying something new. Youthful and entertaining is definitely you.





Mustard Yellow

Generally, yellow is a bright and warm color giving of a very happy vibe. Women that prefer wearing this color tend to be spontaneous with a unique sense of style. Unique!






Sunset Orange

A tropical color that easily catches anybody’s and everybody’s eyes, it is popular among the chirpy and confident lot that have a sense of style and love creativity and warmth. Women who opt for this hue are usually generous and fun loving.



nude pink1 

Nude Pink

Soft pink nails belong to someone who is quiet (or doesn’t want to stand out) and youthful without being cutesy. Women who opt for this hue are impeccably groomed, making this the perfect color for svelte career professionals.



Sandy Caramel

This neutral-but-not color is for the woman who is glamorous. This color is for clean-cut, beachy girls who are glamorous yet secure enough not to follow every trend. Pretty and polished, they are feminine without being high maintenance.





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