Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Tablet)

Microsoft had news to share about the upcoming Surface Pro 4. Microsoft highlighted that the Surface Pro 4 is 50% faster than the MacBook Air.

The best Part is it comes with Surface Pen which actually has an eraser on the end and magnetically attaches to back of tablet 🙂 Easy peasy :p Its more like a pencil and comes in different shades.


The Surface Pro 4 features –
1) Fingerprint reader, it’s thinner and lighter.
2) 12.3-inch screen.
3) “The thinnest, most powerful (Intel) Core PC shipped.” 
4) The Surface Pro 4 has the thinnest cover screen on a tablet, featuring Gorilla Glass 4(0.4mm thick)
5) 1TB storage, 16GB RAM.
6) New Docking station which also works with Surface Pro 3.
7) Two 4K Display Port connector, Ethernet and 3.0 USB Ports (Four)
The Surface Pro 4 will retail on October 26th

To watch the full Mircrosoft live event watch here


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