Farhan Saeed talks about producing PTI’s anthem for the 2018 elections

Every election season, we see artistes get charged up with political fervour and this time, singer/actor Farhan Saeed joins those ranks.

Farhan has signed on to produce and sing the official PTI anthem, which he says is based on “[PTI chief] Imran Khan’s vision for what he believes he will do for Pakistan if he comes to power.”

Speaking to Images about how the collab came about, Farhan revealed, “I was contacted by the PTI team inquiring if I could sing their official campaign anthem and I didn’t have to think twice, so I agreed.”

“The lyrics are based on the party’s official policies and the reforms they have in mind for their tenure if they are elected. So the content of the lyrics comes from the party’s manifesto. And I tried to make the lyrics into a singalong format that people like and enjoy,” he shares about the song.

“I believe that the song stands for a better Pakistan and I really pray that its lyrics translate into reality.”

What our Farhan’s thoughts about the upcoming elections, we ask. “I’m excited, and nervous, as any Pakistani would be. And, of course, my biggest wish is that whatever the outcome is, may it be in Pakistan’s best interests. We must be very aware of our responsibility to vote, and I am looking forward to casting mine and exercising my right!”

The new PTI anthem is expected to release this week.

Published in Dawn, June 29th, 2018


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