Elections 2018: Who paid how much taxes (The News)

ISLAMABAD: Among all former chief ministers who were serving before the caretaker set-up was installed this month, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shahbaz Sharif paid the highest amount of tax with Rs10.78 million contributions to the national exchequer last year, a comparison of nomination papers filed by the candidates for 2018 election revealed.

According to an analysis of the nomination papers, Asif Ali Zardari also emerged as one of the better tax payers among the top politicians with his total tax contribution of Rs22.7 million during 2017. The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan was among the lowest taxpayers in this group of national leaders by paying only Rs0.42 million tax for the last year.

According to the data uploaded by the Election Commission of Pakistan on its website on Monday, the former Punjab chief minister paid Rs1,078 million tax during the year 2017 which included an income tax of Rs10.29 million and agriculture income tax of Rs490,500 million. According to his affidavit, the PML-N president earned Rs3,514 million during the last fiscal year while his net assets remained worth Rs 5,010 million in 2017.

The Pakistan People’s Party Co-Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari holds the largest assets among this group of politicians with a total worth of Rs1.54 billion but only paid Rs4.19 million in tax last year, which included the agriculture tax worth Rs3.9 million and the income tax of Rs237,152. Former Sindh chief minister of PPP, Murad Ali Shah paid Rs3.26 million tax last year including Rs2.45 million agriculture tax and Rs716,113 income tax. Bilawal’s father and PPP Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari is poorer than his son with net assets worth of Rs758.66 million but he paid more taxes than Bilawal. Zardari paid Rs22.7 million total tax during 2017 including an income tax of Rs2.6 million and agriculture tax of Rs20 million.

The PTI chief Imran Khan paid Rs0.42 million tax only in 2017 which included Rs0.31 million agriculture tax, and income tax of only Rs103,763. Khan’s income was Rs4.7 million while he declared in his assets including Banigala mansion worthed at Rs38.69 million. Former KP chief minister and PTI leader Pervez Khattak’s tax contribution also remained less than a million in the last year. He paid Rs0.93 million as total tax in 2017 including Rs6,000 as agriculture tax. Khattak’s income was Rs6.53 million during the same period while his total assets were worth Rs98.5 million.

Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi declared net assets worth Rs28.2 million in 2017. According to his papers, the former prime minister earned Rs12.10 million from his business and salary in 2016-17 and paid Rs3.08 million tax on that income.

Meanwhile, Shahzain Bugti and Rozi Khan Kakar are the top tax payers from Balochistan whereas Nawab Lashkari Raisani is at the bottom of the list with zero tax during the fiscal year 2016-17, reveals the statement of assets of politicians submitted before the ECP.

The ECP which has uploaded the statement of assets of politicians on its official websites reveals some interesting facts about politicians. Some of them despite holding key positions in the provincial and national governments are on the bottom of the list of tax payers whereas some of the politicians who held no key positions in the governments are among the top tax payers.

According to the statement of assets of political leaders who submitted their nomination papers for National Assembly seats, the provincial chief of Jamhoori Watan Party chief Shahzain Bugti paid Rs150 million annual tax on OGDCL lands, whereas PPP’s Rozi Khan Kakar paid Rs40.86 million annual tax on his income during the fiscal year 2016-17.

Former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali paid Rs138,573 income tax for the fiscal year in 2017. According to his statement of assets the former premier, he owns residential property worth Rs2,900,000 and Rs1,046,400 worth of agricultural land. Jamali also has Rs5,932,515 and Rs200,000 in his bank accounts whereas the cost of furniture, fittings and other items in his personal use is merely Rs100,000. The former premier owns no more assets other than these.

According to the statement of assets of the JWP’s provincial chief Shahzain Bugti, he has paid Rs150,000,000 tax on OGDCL lands and Rs1,040,696 tax on his personal income. Bugti shows that he along with his two brothers own 2,300 acres land whereas another property of 832 acres is also in the name of the three brothers. The statement of assets of Mir Lashkari Raisani shows that he owns Rs6,000,000 worth jewellery and furniture worth Rs6,000,000’s whereas he has Rs5,949,591 in his bank account and prize bonds. The documents further show that Raisani owns worth Rs20,000,000 carpets which he inherited but has not paid tax on these.

PPP’s Rozi Khan Kakar who submitted his nomination papers from NA 265-Quetta owns assets worth Rs218,118,605. His statement of assets shows that he has paid Rs40,869,089 tax for the fiscal year 2017. The President Balochistan National Part Sardar Akhtar Mengal has paid Rs1,367,825 tax for the fiscal year 2017 against a total income of Rs6,803,000. As per his statement of assets, he owns a house in DHA, a residential house in Quetta, a flat in Dubai and almost 2,164 acres land in various parts of Balochistan. The PML-N’s leader Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasir owns a bungalow in Islamabad’s sector F-10, a residential plot in sector D-12, residential plot in sector E-11, 27 percent shares in coal mines and a marble factory in the name of his sons.

The Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai has paid Rs142,099 tax for the fiscal year 2017. According to his statement of assets, the PkMAP chief has shown Rs1,500,000 in agricultural income in 2017. The PkMAP chief owns assets worth Rs7,533,098 whereas the net worth of his assets in the previous year was shown worth Rs6728757.

The Jamiat-e-Ulma-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) leader Hafiz Hamdullah paid Rs10,928 tax in 2017. According to his statement of assets, he owns residential house in Quetta worth Rs22,800,000. Nawabzada Gazain Marri owns 100 assets worth Rs34,446, however, there is no mention of income tax paid by him. The former deputy chairman Senate and PPP leader Sabir Baloch has neither mentioned his income tax nor any assets in his statement of assets.

Published in The News on June 26th, 2018