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Society: Time to go offline

Society: Time to go offline

How many times do you use your smartphone in a day? Are you constantly checking your Instagram or Facebook on your phone, say every 10 minutes? If your answer to these questions is YES, you are officially a digital addict. Addiction, literally, is a strong and harmful need which gradually becomes your daily habit which

Pakistan to launch observatory satellite next month

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday announced the launch of Pakistan’s indigenously developed 285kg PakTES-1A observatory satellite in July. Fitted with sensors and cameras, PakTES-1A will remain stationary 610km in space and its position relative to the sun will not change. Foreign Office spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal congratulated Pakistani scientists in a tweet,

The Top Smartwatches Of CES 2017

CES 2017 is in full swing over in Las Vegas and wearable tech – in particular new smartwatches – has definitely been one of the main themes of the show. We’ve seen not only Android Wear smartwatches from traditional watch companies and sports brands; but hard-core smart running watches too. There’s also been a completely

The three best laptops of CES 2017

Las Vegas While novelties like smart hairbrushes litter the CES showroom floor, the tech convention is actually a great place to look for the year’s early innovations in laptops. This year, the industry seems to be producing what people want: fast, lightweight computers with good battery life. Here are three of the best: HP Spectre


March of 2016, a twenty-seven-year-old Syrian refugee named Rakan Ghebar began discussing his mental health with a counsellor. Ghebar, who has lived in Beirut since 2014, lost a number of family members to the civil war in Syria and struggles with persistent nervous anxiety. Before he fled his native country, he studied English literature at