Beard Trends 2015

Most of the guys are neglecting their facial hair and neck lines but it’s not difficult to maintain them. Our facial hair guide makes it simple; it’s all about knowing what types of facial hair best frame your face and how to maintain them.

Sophisticated Clean:

shophisticated clean
Sophisticated Clean is a type of facial hair style that is short and clean. It’s a look that requires more attention from you, as you will have to trim the hair at least every four days and make sure to shave below the jaw line, the cheeks and around the lips — but the result is stylish sophistication.
The Transition:

Transition style beard
a very similar look to Sophisticated Clean with subtle differences. In this style the contouring of the hair around the cheeks is a prominent feature. I recommend going to the barber to get a proper shave to achieve this look. The lip area is also trimmed and follows the shape of the actual lips. If you can pull this off you get a very attractive look with less efforts.

Rugged beard
The facial hair here is messier and less kept. Unlike the other looks, hair under the neck is not well defined. To accomplish this look, use trimmers with a number 4 guard to remove any excess hair, and edge up around the lip. People with darker hair tones can also try this style, but this look works more well on lighter hair tones.
Effortless Cool:

Effortless Cool Beard
This is a much more natural look and it is perfect for guys who don’t grow too much hair. The only thing to be mindful of is that you have to keep the lip and chin area a little cleaner. This look goes great with a longer hairstyle. To maintain the 5 o’clock shadow, use a trimmer every four to five days.
Full Beard:

full beard
This look is one of the only ones where you don’t have to go to a barber. By fuller beard here we don’t mean what we’re used to of seeing. Here the facial hair is still well kept, clean around the lips, neckline and cheeks, but with a fuller growth. Make sure you shave the neckline every two or three days, depending on your growth rate. The length is not kept too long as the longer the hair the harder to maintain.
Note: Whatever style you keep it has to be maintained and looked after. Use a good moisturizer and beard oil, as well as brushing out the hair once a day. There is a layer of skin under all of that hair so don’t neglect it.



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