7 Basic Nail Shapes

Nails give you an enormous opportunity to ornament yourself and enhance the grace of your hands. So decide the shape you want from the above listed nail shapes in accordance with your natural nail bed and fingers and try on different nail styles to give yourself exclusivity with sophistication. Remember nails are also important element of personality so give them the proper care and time they deserve.


Some girls love this nail shape while some think it’s outdated. Round nail shape are the simple and easy to manage nail shapes. This shape has its benefits like durability, these nails are mostly short and give the stability to nails making them durable than they would be when shaped in rest of available options. These rounded tips are not easy to chip or tear. So round nails would be ideal for the ones who have weak nails and like to keep them short.
The shape is a perfect semi circle from the top, the easy way is to cut nails into a square shape and then file the edges to get a smooth circle. The nail’s length is flawlessly which suits those who want short nails.  If you posses thick nail beds than this shape is just right for your nails as it would give illusion of thinning the nail beds.


Flawless and completely square nails are the one in vogue these days amongst all nail shapes– add French manicure to them, and you’ll have an ideal nails style to fit every occasion. This shape actually draws attention to the hands so it looks best on medium and long nails. This shape is fashionable but the limitation is that it is highly fragile; you can easily get the edges chipped away even if you have your nails styled with UV gel or acrylic.
You need to have large nail beds if you want this shape as this shape has a widening effect and makes your nail bed appear wider and shorter than before. To give your nails a modish form, you need to make the top perfectly at a right angle to the walls of nails. Your walls should also be entirely straight for a perfect finish.


The squoval is basically a dazzling combination of the good features of the two shapes, oval and square nail shapes. With smooth edges it eliminates the trouble of getting stuck with clothes that is problematic about the perfect square shape.
This popular nail shape goes well with any nail bed just like oval shape. To get this shape you just have to get the straight walls and then bevel your edges of nails into slightly oval shape. File the top like you’re going for the square shape and then gently blend the edges until you’re happy with the result.
This also gives your nails the feminine look. Although it looks great with most of the fingers but the beauty of this style is deadly when worn on long fingers with thin nail beds.


Stiletto is another super trendy amid the nail shapes. Ultra long, incredibly pointy nails are a real hit these days. The length and the pointy tip make this shape very weak and prone to get damaged and to get the others harmed. This shape is probably named after stiletto heels as this incredible shape resemble them a lot. It makes the fingers appear longer and thinner than they really are.
This can be perfect shape to wear on Halloween party with the fierce version of extra pointy end and dark black or orange color.


For those who want to give their fingers and nails a feminine appearance this is just perfect of the most acrylic nail shapes. It will make your hands look subtle and delicate with slim looking fingers but it won’t allow your nails to grow too much.
This shape is just like almond that is tapered at the top. You also need to file the sides to get the narrowed top. This shape does not give the strength as the tip is very weak.


This shape is effortlessly simple and yet very elegant. Oval nails combine all positive elements of almond, square, and rounded shape so they are both strong and good-looking. They are durable like round nails, look great on both medium and long nails like square ones and enhance the feminine appearance of the wearer, similar to almond shape.
Oval nails are not only good for any type of nail bed ranging from short to long. With this shape, you can actually fake the size of your nail bed. So, if you have short nail beds, you’ll just file the nail into a more oval shape to make the nail bed appear bigger. This is the best of all the nail shapes that provides all the features required by an average nail.
To achieve this awesome shape you need to file side walls evenly straight followed by shaping the top into an oval. Make sure that the angles of both the sides are flawlessly equal to get the flawless appearance.


As the name suggests this shape resembles the tip of a lipstick. Well, the whole point is to try to mirror the curve a lipstick has at the top on the tips of your nails. It has straight sides and a diagonal straight curved top just like the lipstick. There are many variations of this style.



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