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Muslims in Kenya offer a Christmas present to the world

Muslims in Kenya offer a Christmas present to the world

After a year marred by violence that has led some people to suppose that confrontation is inevitable among humanity’s religions, a busload of Muslims in northeast Kenya has given us all a gift beyond measure for Christmas and the New Year. On December 21, when armed al-Shabab extremists halted a bus near the town of

Do Immigrants Originate Crimes? A Case Study of the USA

Abstract The connection between immigration and crime is one of the most contentious topics in contemporary society. These discussions are not new, as debates on the issue date back more than 100 years. There are important reasons to believe that immigrants are not involved in crime to a greater degree than native-born Americans. The scholarly

Economy Growth of India 1980-1999: The Origin, Causes and Consequences

Economy Growth of India 1980-1999: The Origin, Causes, and Consequences By Muhammad Arif Mustunsir INTRODUCTION The mainspring of an economy’s growth and take-off continues to puzzle economists. Even though, thanks to years of sustained research, many of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are in place, it remains very difficult to predict when an economy

China pledges $60bn to develop Africa

China has announced $60bn (£40bn) of assistance and loans for Africa to help with the development of the continent. President Xi Jinping said the package would include zero-interest loans as well as scholarships and training for thousands of Africans. The Chinese leader made the announcement at a major summit between China and Africa in Johannesburg.